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Aspiring to achieve the best results is part of Quranic and Prophetic teachings. Within a short span of eighteen years, Jamiah has gone from strength to strength through the Grace of the Almighty together with the pious Duaas of the Muslims and the noble efforts of its staff, student and volunteers.

Jamiah strives to achieve excellence within the academic sphere and has designed its curriculum to this effect. The BSI inspectors commented, “The curriculum is securely grounded in the school’s religious ethos and mission statement. It is of good quality with excellence in the Islamic studies. It enables pupils to develop well academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

Jamiah is constantly exploring different avenues to enhance and further the education of the students. Along with providing the best of Islamic education, Jamiah strives to match this excellence in their secular education provision. Our outstanding GCSE results are testament to this. Beyond GCSE, Jamiah has a partnership with Preston College whereby A-Level courses are delivered on Jamiah premises. Furthermore, Jamiah have  a unique agreement with Middlesex University to supplement the Alimiyyah course and count it towards a BA degree in Islamic studies.

Jamiah has also tried to enrich the students’ learning with useful publications. This was acknowledged by the BSI inspectors in their report, ‘teachers have produced their own materials, for example for higher Islamic studies booklets on topics such as mantiq (logical deduction).’

Jamiah also leads by example and encourages its students to work in the community bridging gaps between people of different cultures and backgrounds. Regarding our community cohesion projects, BSI inspectors commented, “students have participated in interfaith events, for example, visits to Blackburn Cathedral, and Christian visitors have been to the schools to exchange views and perspectives; as one student explained ‘it is important to know the views of other people’.”

We constantly aspire to achieve more for the success of our students and community. We again thank the Almighty Allah, the Jamiah staff and students and the community for their unlimited effort & support. Furthermore, we ask our viewers to pray for Jamiah’s continued success in the future.

© Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda