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Student Life

Jamiah endeavours to provide students with all amenities, security and privacy to ensure that students can learn in a comfortable environment which is conducive to achieving the aspirations that Jamiah sets itself. Jamiah focuses on  the Islamic education, secular education and spirituality of the students as well as nurturing them to become effective leaders and exemplary citizens.

In order to develop and educate the students to their maximum ability, Jamiah provides a very rigorous and challenging programme. Therefore, Jamiah demands dedication, commitment and sedulity from the students.

More importantly, Jamiah likes to focus on improving the sincerity, manners and spirituality of our students and has set rules and regulations to help achieve this lofty aim.

We, at Jamiah, instill within our students the saying of the great female scholar, Hafsah bint Seereen:

 ‘O youth do work, verily work and action is done in the young age.’

We hope you enjoy your day at Jamiah, hopefully making everyday more productive than the previous. Our aim is to develop the learners of today and inspiring them into the leaders of tomorrow.

© Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda