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السلام   عليكم  ورحمة  الله   وبركاته

Jamiatul-Ilm Wal-Huda, the College of Islamic Knowledge and Guidance,  was established in August 1997 for boys of age 11 years and over.

The Muslim community of the United Kingdom needs schools that provide a comprehensive, positive and inclusive understanding of Islam as well as secular education in a secure Islamic environment.

In response to this need, Jamiah was established through the Acceptance and Mercy of Allah Subhanahu Wataala and the gracious Duaas and generosity of Muslim brothers and sisters across the country.

Since 1997, over 2000 students have studied at Jamiah with a current roll of around 450 boys.  The majority of our students are local, but many come from around the country and some from as far as Germany and Norway.

Jamiah recognises that each young Muslim needs to strive to acquire knowledge of all aspects of Mankind; from historical to contemporary, from academic to vocational, from the pragmatic to the dogmatic and from the Islamic to the secular.   We want all young Muslims who study at Jamiah to have the self-esteem and confidence to play a positive and inclusive role in their communities, to be good Muslims and exemplary citizens.

I thank you for visiting our website and hope that you will remember Jamiah in your Duaas.

(Mufti)  Abdus-Samad Ahmed


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