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Visitors Comments

“I found Jamiah a strong academic institution and a shining minaret in teaching culture based on Shariah principles. I wish Jamiah becomes a means to bridge the gaps between the followers of different cultures and civilisations and successfully imparts the universal message of Islam”

Shaykh Abdurrahman Sudais – Imam of Haram Makkah (Grand Mosque, Saudi Arabia)

“Contributions made by your students speaks volumes about your institution without which there will be a vacuum in Islamic knowledge”

The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Blackburn

‘…Today, I was honoured to visit Jamiah, Blackburn.  I was immensely touched  by the educational activities.  Allah has honoured and accepted this institution.  May Allah accept this institution and grant the teachers, students, staff and associates sincerity & bless them with the best rewards…’

Hadhrat Mufti Taqi Uthmani, Pakistan

The school has many good features with significant strengths which support the achievement of its aims.

It provides a secure Islamic environment so that pupils can progress in their personal development and grow in their faith to become confident and respectful British Muslim young men.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of the school are outstanding.

Pupils’ behaviour is excellent and they say that they enjoy being at the school.

Ofsted Inspectors

On behalf of CRR I would like to say thank you for the fantastic reception the college gave us last Thursday.

The feedback has so far suggested that this was the best of the visits that we have had.

Lutha Magloire MBE – Warrant Officer Class 11, Community Liaison Officer North West

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