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Fatawa Department


Jamiah is an institute that was built for the service of the national and international community. Therefore, Jamiah takes pride in providing different service for the community to the best of its ability. From amongst our regular service we provide at Jamiah is the Fatawa department. This department deals with Islamic issues of the community which need resolving according to the rules of Islam and in a proper and fair method.

The Fatawa department is staffed by many experienced, qualified Muftis and scholars, providing help for the Arabic, English, Urdu, Bangali & Gujrati speaking community. The Fatawa department is parallel to the Ifta course the Jamiah provides for the graduated students in order to experience them with the real day-to-day questions and answers of the community.

The Muftis have regular discussions and meetings regarding any major issues along with the daily solutions they provide. The department answers queries regarding different problems, including marriage & divorce issues, inheritance issues. All correspondence is kept confidential.

For more detail see Ifta course.

Quries are taken by email, letter or telephone.

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