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Other Services


Jamiah strives on creating opportunities for the students and services for the community. These services include the ‘fatawa department’, ‘nikah service’, ‘advice & information service’ & ‘community cohesion’. Along with these services we also focus on other daily services.

Maktab (Islamic schools for infants)

One of the services Jamiah provides to the local community is that it allows certain students from the higher classes to go and serve the community in the evening daily. They go to certain Maktabs around Blackburn and practice their teachings, learn teaching skills and serve the infants of the Muslim community.

Tabligh (preaching to the community)

One of the services Jamiah provides to the local and national community is that it encourages students to take opportunities on the weekends to visit the local mosques for preaching to the community. They learn the method of preaching and distribute their knowledge they learn within Jamiah to the local community.

Jamiah allows students to go every weekend, where they go to the local mosques. Annually, in Ramadhan (6 week break) they are encouraged to join the work of preaching on a more national level. This will help both the community and also train the students more rigorously as true preachers with correct knowledge.

Taraweeh (the Ramadhan prayers)

One of the services Jamiah provides to the local, national and international community is that it organises for students, depending on place availability, the chance to lead the taraweeh in different parts of the country, even foreign countries. Jamiah receives many calls to organise leaders for taraweeh prayers from UK and abroad. Therefore, to fulfil the need of the international community Jamiah tries its utmost to quickly organise leaders for that area & community with its students.

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