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I completed my Islamic Studies course at the Institute in Sep-06, where I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will forever remain grateful to the staff and teachers there. Thereafter, I went on to complete a BA in Economics and Social Studies at The University of Manchester in 2009. Currently, I am employed at Ernst and Young LLP as a qualified accountant and my other interests include delivering lectures and seminars, teaching and sitting on a shariah board.

Moulana Haroon Seedat (Blackburn)

BA (Honours) Economics and Social Studies, Chartered Accountant

Studying at Jamiah has been the core to developing  and shaping my future particularly the secular education. At the time  Jamiah did not have provision  for studying A levels and higher Education. However, they supported me joining College and  completing A levels.  As a result I have manage to attain a Degree in Accounting and Business, completion of the ACCA Programme  and I am now studying  for a Masters in Higher  Education. Without Jamiah, none these would have been possible.

Moulana Abdullah Habibur Rahman (London)

My 10 years as a student at JIWH can be summarised as fun, enjoying, spiritual and productive. Each of us belong to the Jamiah family.

After gaining an Alimiyya degree at the institution not only was I able to achieve great GCSE’s and A-levels and thereafter a first class BA Hons degree but also a LLM in law. I am proud of Jamiah, the excellent spiritual and striving ethos created will forever be admired, longed and appreciated.

Moulana Hanif Patel (Blackburn)

BA (Honours) Social Sciences, LLM Masters in Law

I graduated from Jamiah in 2007 and then  stayed for one more year to gain experience and further develop my skills. Jamiah has played a major part in my development  and has given me the confidence to open a similar institute in Reunion. Without my experience in Jamiah and the constant assistance, guidance and duaas I receive from my mentors, this would not have been possible.

Moulana Rayhaane Balbolia (Reunion)

Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda has positively shaped and inspired me more than any other educational experience to date. I believe that the experience that Jamiah offers is irreplaceable and crucial during the transition from young adulthood to adulthood due to the instilment of important core values that are relied upon as a guide every day. I have a   BA Hons in education studies and psychology, currently head of year at TIBHS secondary school.

Moulana Zubair Yusuf (Blackburn)

Jamiah played an instrumental role in my life in nurturing me into a young adult with skills that have now allowed me to go on and serve my local community. I currently teach young adults and also run my own restaurant. Jamiah provided me a unique learning environment, as it enhanced not only my education but also taught me key skills of life which have enabled me to be in the position I’m in today.

Moulana Zubair Patel (London)

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