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Introduction to ‘Alim’ course

The ‘Alim’ course aims to educate the students in as many subjects possible, especially embedding within the students the principles of Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence. Many different subjects are taught in order to make the student well equipped in different areas of Islamic teaching, hence creating future leaders who have a very strong knowledge of their religion, beliefs and way of life. The ‘Alim’ course is designed to prepare the learners of today who can serve the community to the best of their ability.

At the end of the course, students are expected to have gained an in-depth understanding of the meaning, interpretation and commentary of the Holy Quraan, narrations of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and other sources of Islamic knowledge.  Students will also be proficient in oratory skills in English and Urdu, and have a professional standard of understanding in classical Arabic.

Brief System

The Alim class is split into 8 years.

The first two years are based around learning the Urdu language along with learning the basics of Islam.

The following six years are based on learning Arabic language with the different Islamic sciences in detail.

The first two years are not compulsory for students who wish to complete the full Alim class. Therefore, their course will be a total of six years.

The ‘Alim’ course  is a 6-year course (8-year course with Urdu language) and taught through the coverage of numerous books and discourses outlined in the timetable.

Alim class aims:

To cater for the needs of the global population. To educate students from all backgrounds and a vast range of needs.

Treat all students in the sunnah method, trying to constantly enhance the level of the student.

Provide a detailed and balanced curriculum in order to give the students the best education and most benefit.

Involve parents (or guardian)  in the studying of their children to develop the child as much as possible.

Create an atmosphere and learning environment where the student reaches the level and gains the confidence to study independently.

To be a practical Muslim, showing his religion in his actions and manners to people of all race and religion.

To future, complete leaders of the global community. Not restricted to their area or locality or faith. Instead leaders that understand the method of living and leading in the current globe.


Assessment strategy

The assessment of progress and attainment in the ‘Alim’ course is undertaken on a daily basis, further there are 3 written examinations throughout the year. This is discussed in detail within the assessement strategy area.



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