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Pathway to Hifdh


All students who wish to enrol into the Hifdh Class at the institute will all progress via the ‘Pathway to Hifdh Class’.  All successful students will then progress into ‘Full Time Hifdh Class’.

Student Placement (pathway to Hifdh Class)

Firstly, students are assessed on their capabilities and standards of recitation prior to enrolment.  According to the outcome students are placed in the class which suits them most to progress further.

Class 1 – Basic Quran Recitation


Students who are not up to the standard required and are less capable of reciting fluently and are in need of extra attention are placed in class 1 – Basic Quran Recitation.  Students who have chosen Hifdh as their first option above Alim class will begin the memorisation of the 30thPara along with basic Quran recitation to assess the student’s memorisation capability to capture and maintain.  The Students who opt for the Alim Course also study the Holy Quran and they are also introduced to the subject Urdu.

Class 2 – Recitation of Quran with Tajweed


Students who are capable of reciting the Holy Quran fluently are placed in Class 2 – Recitation of Quran with Tajweed including those students who progress from class 1.  Here, students work on increasing the skills in recitation concentrating upon pronunciation and Tajweed progressing into eloquent recitation.  Achieving the level of reciting independently.  Along with Quran study students will be assessed on their capability of memorising and maintaining the memorisation, completing the 30th Para progressing into 1stPara.  All successful students will progress into Trial Hifdh Class.

Class 3 – Trial Hifdh Class with Precise Recitation


Students who are already capable of qualifying for Class 3 – Trial Hifdh Class… will be placed in this class.  Here, students will begin to memorise the Holy Quran preparing them for the Full Time Hifdh Class. Therefore the scene is set according to the challenges and demands the students will face in the Hifdh Class. If successful, qualification is achieved to Full Time Hifdh Class, this will make it very easy for the student to adapt to the next level towards his memorisation breaking the barriers to continue the progress.

Here the students have to prove whether they are capable of memorising or not and maintaining what they have memorised.

Those students who fail to prove and live up to the standard required and cannot meet the demands of Hifdh will be placed into Class 2/1.

Requirements – Students will have to recite Slow Loud Clear Fluent with excellent Tajweed and the capability of memorising and maintaining will be assessed.

Note Students who do not qualify for Hifdh class and those who opted for Alim Class will be placed in Class 1 to continue their progress in recitation

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