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Assessment strategy



A total of 4 examinations take place throughout the year. There is a gap of 2 ½ months from each examination.

Para Test – upon completion

All students from Trial/Full time Hafez class will be assessed upon completion of each Para. If successful, the student will qualify to begin the corresponding Para. If not, then revision of the current Para will continue until successful.

Assessment Criteria

Each student is assessed on the strength of the memorisation and the quality of the recitation.

There are 3 areas of assessment:-

  • Mistakes – 3 mistakes are acceptable, upon 4th mistake Para must be repeated
  • Stucks – stucks exceeding the limit of 5/6 will result in failure. As it presents a lack of confidence while reciting
  • Tajweed – Recitation must be of a good standard – If the basics of recitation are not considered throughout for example Pronunciation, Full mouth letters etc then the student will be told to repeat the para again or is advised to rectify the mistakes otherwise it will result in failure in the next Para.

Each student has an assessment sheet in which the date the test took place and the comment indicating the weakness including PASS or FAIL of the Para.

Daily Student Record

Throughout the day each student has to complete 3 types of work which are:-

  1. Sabaq – Current memorisation
  2. Sabaq Para – Previous six to eight memorisation and current (set by teacher)
  3. Dhor – Revision of Paras Completed

All students have a ‘student Hifdh log book’ in which progress is recorded

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